Hopkins Cemetery 

 One of the larger cemeteries in the North Tract is Hopkins. At the southern-most curve of Wildlife Loop along the border between Areas G and K, Hopkins Cemetery lies on an elevation in an irregularly shaped enclosure. The entrance is easy to miss when negotiating the curve in the Loop but the gate is visible up a short incline on the north side of the road. Except for the surrounding trees the knoll on which the site lies would provide an attractive view of the countryside as it is reasonably high.

Andy Watcher's 1977 cemetery census lists 18 marked graves here but the actual number is quite high. Most of the graves are marked only with fieldstone markers and it is difficult to tell them apart from naturally occurring rock at the site. The placement of numerous stones in straight lines of three, four, or five or more, with attendant smaller footstones, is one indicator of intentional marking. General depressions of approximately three-by-six foot dimensions with a fieldstone at one end is another. This was the most time-consuming cemetery to document thus far and the mix of stones, rolling topography and irregular fence line provided a seemingly endless tangle of measurements.

It is interesting to note that there are no Hopkins names engraved on any of the stones remaining. It is possible that the place was named for someone other than who was buried here, perhaps a nearby church, or that the Hopkins graves are only marked with fieldstones. The largest family represented is Johnson and about half of those are children.


Located at Intersection of Boundary and South Rds. at Range 14
1976 Ft. Meade Map Coords: 48,23
Number of Graves - 18

Chisley, Harry      
Chisley, Zinerovar     Wife of Harry Chisley
Duckett, William December 20, 1872 December 25, 1915 Husband of Emma Duckett
Hawkins, Isaac September 20, 1877 January 20, 1898  
Hawkins, Martha October 16, 1863 July 27, 1904 Dau of John Taylor
Johnson, Beatener 1900 1906  
Johnson, Cora E. 1892 1906  
Johnson, Edgar W. 1896 1896  
Johnson, Howard 1899 1899  
Johnson, James May 15, 1850 July 24, 1911 Husband of Muih Johnson
Johnson, Nannie 1865 1909 Wife of James Johnson
Johnson, Oliver B. 1899 1909  
Johnson, Regia P. 1903 1908  
Johnson, Thelmore 1905 1907  
Johnson, Tylor E. 1887 1903  
Queen, Eliza L. Chesley   February 7, 1914  
Simms, Hester February 22, 1834 February 4, 1873 Wife of Henry Simms
Wilson, Ariana   December 4, 1919 Wife of Isiah Wilson

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Hopkins Cemetery Epitaphs

Wife of
Isaiah Wilson

Dec. 4, 1919

At Rest.

 Elizabeth Chesley Queen

Feb. 7, 1914

Aged 67 Years



William Duckett
Beloved Husband of
Emma Duckett

Born Dec. 26, 1872
Died Dec. 25, 1915


W. D.

 Oliver B.

1889 - 1909



Husband of
Emma Johnson

Born May 15, 1850
Died July 24, 1911

Died in Christ


J. J.

Wife of
James Johnson

1865 - 1909



 Regia P.

1903 - 1908


R. P. J.


1899 - 1899


H. J.


1900 - 1906

B. J.

 Tylor E.

1887 - 1903


T. E. J.

 Cora E.

1892 - 1905


C. E. J.

 Edgar W.

1896 - 1896


E. W. J.

 Harry Chisley

His Wife

Zinerovar Chisley


1905 - 1907


T. J.

Isaac Hawkins

Sept. 20, 1877
Jan. 20, 1898


I. H.

Martha Ann
Wife of
Daniel Hawkins
Daughter of
John Taylor

Born Oct. 16, 1863
Died July 27, 1904

In Memory of

Wife of
Henry Simms

Born Feb'y. 22, 1834
Died Feb'y. 4, 1873


H. S.


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