Jacobs Cemetery 


The Jacobs Cemetery was one of the most difficult to find. After at least four attempts on different dates and after scouring the hillsides and gullies in Area J it was finally found somewhat east of where it is marked on the 1976 Ft. Meade Special Map. Andy Watcher was unable to find it at all according to his census which is not surprising since it is very remote and unmarked by fence. It is also the least cared for of the cemeteries we've found. Only three markers remain and one is broken into several pieces. It is a stone to Jane Rebeka and the last name is lost on a missing piece. But the footstone reads "J.R.I." which leads us to believe that the last name is probably Ijams as this family name appears in the history of the area. The other two stones are in very good condition.

About a hundred feet east of the cemetery lies a chimney fall and a well. These may be associated with a blacksmith shop which appears in this area on the old maps. The well is flush with the ground and the tin covering has rusted away leaving a dangerous trap for the unwary.


The broken headstone of Jane Rebeka Ijams:




Located approx. 300 meters east of Trainfire Rd. and South Rd. Training Area J
1976 Ft. Meade Map Coords: 46,25
Number of Graves Unknown: Gravestones Obliterated



Nov. 15, 1860
April 3, 1936


Our Beloved
Jane Rebeka
Daughter of ______
& Rebeka
Aged 9 years
1 Month, 18 Days
W_____ by faith
to see our angel laugh again
we would not ________
to this day _______

J. R. I.


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